Financial Giving

Six reasons to support CMA, in a nutshell:

1) We are unique. CMA is the only non-profit in the region that offers free private music lessons for low-income kids.

2) All of CMA’s scholarship funds come from grants and private donations. And without scholarships to sustain our free private lesson program, none of these kids would have access to one-on-one artistic education. Providing one free music lesson for each child is $22.50, one month of lessons is $90, and one year (40 weeks) of lessons costs $900.

3) It helps the community. We all benefit from the legacy created by increased participation in the arts. Help create a culture of philanthropy.

4) Every bit helps. A contribution of any size will help leverage other gifts, as other donors and foundations and corporations often look to the number of donors that support an organization.

5) Contributions are tax-deductible--CMA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. An individual’s tax liability can be reduced with a contribution. 

6) It’s easy! You can donate by clicking the button below! 

Photo: Gloria Lee teaches a private lesson to viola student Ahria.