Igor Bogdanic

Igor Bogdanic has been a Piano and Music Theory Teacher for over eight years. He started  his studies at professional Music School at the age of nine. After graduating Advanced Music School in 2001 he proceeds education at University of Nis, Faculty of Art in Eastern Europe and graduates in 2007. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Pedagogy. Mr. Bogdanic plays the Piano in wide variety of music genres such as Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock and World Music. Since 2004 he works as a Piano Teacher and in 2007 he works as a Conductor of School Orchestra and Arranger in Primary Music School. Many wins and prizes have been awarded to his Piano Students in different Piano Competitions and Music Festivals. Since 2011 he is an active member of LMFC (Lexington Music Federated Club) and Substitute Teacher for Fayette County Schools. He regularly performs with local Acoustic and Jazz bands in Lexington, Kentucky.