Student and Parent Quotes

Kevin, cello: “I honestly don't know where I would be without [my teacher’s] wisdom and guidance. If it wasn't for CMA I wouldn't have made it into CKYO or even SCAPA for that matter. This place has shaped me from being an irresponsible [kid] into a cello player. CMA hasn't just helped me with cello, it has helped me with life as well. I wish I could stay and study at this place forever!”

Taha, oboe: “With the practice I do at CMA, I have learned to persevere in difficult situations, because the outcome will always be as you imagine. The amazing tutors at CMA have encouraged me to become a more confident player. They really go in-depth and put a lot of effort to help me succeed. They have helped me improve tremendously on a personal level, and I would definitely have given up if it weren't for this program.”

Logan, viola: ”CMA has helped me gain discipline, which makes it easier to keep myself going."

Jordan, clarinet: “You really have to devote your time to music to be able to succeed and that really ends up showing up in my studies, the determination.” Sara Finnie, her clarinet teacher, agrees: “She is much more outgoing and has developed more self-confidence and leadership skills.”

Keanu, piano: “CMA has given me better discipline by [teaching me] how to time manage my practice time.”

Kaliah, cello: CMA “helps me work harder since I have an extra mentor, making me a better musician. I love the students and staff. They are really upbuilding.”

Connor, French horn: “CMA lessons have made me more confident of my playing skills and I can sight read music better. And I am more confident when in front of groups presenting projects and speaking.”

Noah, euphonium: "Without CMA, I never would have had the money for lessons and wouldn't have been able to develop my passion for and ability in music. CMA has enormously aided my self confidence in other areas by giving me more confidence in the rehearsal room.”

Stella, voice: “Studying here definitely gave me more confidence as a singer and as a person by giving me more opportunities to sing in front of an audience. CMA is a close community that allows specific attention to me and helps me improve much faster than before.”

Maria Ortiz, parent: "It's a big benefit for my daughter because she has learning disabilities and working one on one with the teacher she is improving on reading music and playing.”

Tracy Caudell, parent: “CMA has helped with math homework. Ben loves music and tries hard to get it right, which translates to other areas. It is fun and gives Ben a sense of pride and achievement.”

Joseph Willett, parent: “CMA is a great institution. My daughter has excelled and is now at the top of her class and won freshman of the year for the Tates Creek Band. [She has gained] confidence in life and the skills to pursue a higher education in music.”

Tasha Meadors, parent: “[My daughter] has had difficulty in school learning new things because of other issues which has hurt her confidence and self image. But being able to do well on the violin and focus enough helps build her up.”

Susan Holthaus, parent: “I think the mentoring relationship with her instructor has been very beneficial to Abby and has provided much needed emotional support.” Abby, her daughter, agrees: "[At CMA] everyone is so open and I feel like no one is judging me. I can be myself, and I don't always feel like that. It has helped me be more confident and open, and made me strive for success more often, without fear.”

Brad Meyer, teacher: “Many of the students who have enrolled in this program live in inner-city neighborhoods where they are exposed to a much harder lifestyle than any child should be exposed. But with the help and encouragement of the private-lesson teachers at CMA, these young people learn to focus their attention on achieving an objective, instead of getting caught up in things that can shorten life-potential such as substance abuse or violent activities…the program creates a momentary emotional refuge for some of the students. Two brothers were a part of the program while I was teaching the summer percussion camp, and during that time their parents had announced they were getting a divorce. These two young men were going through a horrible experience at a young age and their only release from the intense emotional situation that a divorce creates was to come to the percussion camp, socialize with their new-found friends, and to learn how to play various types of music. Every time these brothers showed up, they had a sense of worry and stress, but by the end of the camp they were laughing and drumming with their new friends.  The mother came up to some of the teachers at the end of the camp and told us how she was sincerely grateful for helping her and her children make it through one of the most difficult weeks of their life.”