Mission and Goals

The Central Music Academy's mission is to provide quality musical training at no cost to financially disadvantaged children. CMA seeks to use the power of music and musical instruction to improve the lives of these at-risk youth.

Our curricular goals include building basic music appreciation, introducing world culture, providing a structured environment for high-risk children, and further developing self-discipline through instrument practice. The lessons students learn while studying music help them to be more precise, to be better listeners, to collaborate well with others, to express themselves, and to persevere when setting and achieving goals.

The Central Music Academy's long-term aim is to strengthen our community by reaching out to one child at a time. We hope to see our students become well-rounded individuals who, even if they do not choose to make their career in music, maintain a lifelong passion for, and connection with, the arts.

For more about CMA, please watch the videos below or call the CMA office at (859) 221-2190.